Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kucinich On Impeachment

Dennis Kucinich Introduce H Res 333 to Impeach VP Cheney

Video Description:
Dennis Kucinich, the only presidential candidate who voted against the Iraq War resolution, introduced articles of impeachment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney in the House of Representatives on April 24th. House Resolution 333 was drafted as a response to a Vice President who was "a driving force for taking us into war against Iraq under false pretenses and is once again rattling sabers of war against Iran..."

Three articles were crafted by the 10th district Ohio Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate that allege that Cheney: "...purposely manipulated the intelligence process to deceive the citizens and Congress of the United States...," for attempting to mislead Americans "...about an alleged relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda...," and "has openly threatened aggression against the Republic of Iran."

The full text of the articles as well as the detailed research that lays a foundation for the articles of impeachment are on Kucinich's congressional web site: .

Some of the research demonstrating the Vice President's skillful manipulation and stove-piping of intelligence is simply overpowering. For example, after one of his neo-con subordinates Douglas Feith had cherry picked raw intelligence and removed essential caveats and disclaimers to produce a report of "intelligence," the Vice President praised him with handwritten notes in the margin of the report saying: "This is very good indeed...Encouraging...Not like the crap we are all so used to getting out of CIA."

Clearly, the Vice President was not going to left any intelligence agency get in the way to his rush to folly. A war that the neo-cons had planned far before the pretext of 9/11 occurred. By removing the uncertainty involved in the intelligence estimates and guaranteeing the American people that there was "no doubt" that Saddam had WMDs when he knew better, Kucinich believes that Cheney committed impeachable offenses. At other times the sheer audacity of Cheney's lies is stunning. No lie was too little or too big to utter. Take his oft repeated claim that Saddam threw out the UN inspectors -- a clearly verifiable lie as was his continued insistence that one of the highjackers met with Iraqi intelligence agents in Prague.

Kucinich states in the interview that the Vice President must now pay the penalty for having orchestrated much of the propaganda that led us into an illegal war of aggression against Iraq and now attempting to pull off the same manipulations to justify a war with Iran. Waging a war of aggression on a country which did not attack us,, had no weapons of mass destruction and had never even indicated a desire to attack us has made the U.S. one of the least trust and most reviled nations on earth and the tough Ohio Congressman feels the time is right to bring some accountability to this administration for lying to start an unnecessary war that has cost us precious blood and treasure.

This Kucinich fan agrees: If lying to the American people to gin up a case for a totally unnecessary war that has killed thousands of our kids and tens of thousands of Iraqis is not a high crime and misdemeanor, what is? Lying about fellatio in the White House?

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